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  • Bad Guy (2002)


Rain's 1st Album Bad Guy (English Translation)

01. intro

02. Aksoo (Handshake)
translation by: soliloquies (posted in FFLyric Forum)
1. Those words - lets separate, lets not meet each other anymore..
How can she say those words with such a calm face and voice?
How can it be so easy, does separation mean nothing to her?
how cans she be smiling, how can 'it was fun' be all she has to say?

*To me it was love, even though it was only fun to her..
To me it was love, the first love i felt (the last love i will ever feel)

2. I was happy for the first time when i met her..
but for a reason i cannot understand, shes trying to leave my side..
does she always meet and leave like this?
will the time we spent together just be one of her small happy memories?

To me it was love, even though it is only a happy memory to her..
to me it was love, the first love i ever felt.

3. I stand here just staring at her hand she is holding out for me to shake..
if i make this handshake she will probably turn around..then what will i do..

03. Napum Namja (Bad boy)

Yeah... How could you do this...? oh...
How could you do this to me...?
How... How could you cheat on me...? oh...
Yeah... Try to tell me...

I'm not the kind of man who will keep you...
You can't be my beautiful girl...
(I'll leave you, I'll kick you to the kerb)
Why can't I do this here?
(I like you but I can't make you mine)
Don't break up with me like this~

I'm not the guy for you
I'm not the sort of person for you
I'm not the sort of person you know
I'm a bad guy, I'm a bad guy...
To many other people
I couldn't quite show myself...
You are the only one for meI wanted to be in love with you...
(One day, someday give me your heart)
I'll listen... I'm tired of the tough times...
(When I'm with you it's always like that)
I'm a bad guy... I wanna tell you I'm a guy~*


I'm sorry
Tch~ from the start I didn't think about that
You didn't know how much I really like you
Then... that's how it was the few times we met
It's the truth
I don't wanna think of the pain I caused you
I'm sorry... maybe being sorry is of no use to anyone
"I'm sorry" isn't the thing to say
But... But I truly loved you

* Chorus x2*

04. Na (Me)

1. When I'm are chasing after my dreams
When the end of the road is not in sight
And the only reasons I continue are for the people around me
Take away my fears and help me to continue on without hesitation
I believe in me, I know a day will come
When this weed which has been trodden on will grow stronger by the day
Even if the stormy wind blows, I'll keep on moving forward
Until finally the day comes when I can face the world as a freshly
blossomed flower, say!

* I've come this far so I'm not afraid
And one by one my dreams have been coming true
I've told you what I am all about
Now bit by bit I'll show all of myself to you

2. You may say that you are not here with me now
But every time I sleep I can see you here
And I know I can continue on
When you are not close at hand and I can't hold you
When each time I hear those words it makes it harder
When I feel like I want to give up
When I feel like I'm going to collapse
These words let me know that it will all end up alright and I can smile

3. My friends always believe in me
And I know that my mother is watchign over me from heaven
And while it may seem difficult to stand
I know that I won't fall

05. Iksukjil anhaso (I Can't Get Used To It)

Today I met you by chance
That person who I had heard about was there with you
I was so surprised because there was a smile on your face
A smile that had never been there when you were with me
I guess I seemed pathetic to you, so lonely and sad
There were tears in my eyes
So you asked me why I was crying, why I was hurting so much
I tried to lie to you
But when I saw you looking at me I couldn't help myself
All the words that were in my heart spilled out


Going to bed alone, waking up alone
Eating meals alone, I can't get used to that
Liking something alone, feeling sad alone
I can't get used to that, I can't get used to it

Why can't I forget you?
Even now if I think of you tears fill my eyes
Enough time has passed for me to forget about you
So why can't I forget you even after all this time?
There was a time before we met when I lived alone
I say to myself that I'll try to go back to that time
But then all I see is the empty space that you have left

* Repeat

06. Baby Baby

1. Baby, Why have you been getting colder towards me lately, oh why?
Baby what can I do to make things like they used to be? Oh baby
I'm sorry and I'm telling you that I know that I was wrong
Umm~~ I don't know what I can do to repair the harm
I'm scared that you won't accept this apology
Umm~~ Don't let this be the end~~

* Baby Baby Baby We should never split up
Oh why, oh why, oh why are things like this?
So I'm trying to tell you, you, you, you
Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby

2. I'd rather you told me straight if you ahve found another love
But I know that no one else can love you as much as I do
Please say something to whow me how you feel
If you still love me, even if its just a little bit
Think about those good times we had together
And don't let them go away so easily

3. What I'm trying to say is that we really shouldn't break up
Have you forgotten that oath that we made?
Please think once more about how happy we were
And how we shouldn't throw all that away so easily

07. An-nyeongiran Maldaeshin (Instead of Saying Goodbye)

Can all the words be like that?
Can't all the words in the world be said forever?
After saying that, maybe I'll cry
If I can't say it
If it is a fact
If, yes, the words do sound like that
Will you know that I know?
Will you turn away in tears?


When you leave me and turn to someone else
When you like being with someone else more than with me
Someday it'll be alright
Instead of saying goodbye
Smile a small smile for me

I hate having to listen to those words coming from your pretty lips
"I'm happy now, I'm sorry
Please understand that I'm with someone else.
"Yes, I hate listening to those unpleasant words
My soul can't have any more pain
I love you so much
It seems that I want to run away from the break up

Do you want to break up with me or not?
The words "Let's break up" make me cry
It's so hard on me
It's not easy to listen to those words
When I hear them I cry more
I'm sure when you leave I'll have more problems
And more annoying is that you leave
Whatever you say, it's okay
Smile like that and leave

* Repeat

I know the day will come when you leave me, that's okay
Instead of saying goodbye
Instead of saying goodbye
Smile a small smile for me
Smile a small smile for me

08. No Chorom (Just Like You) (featuring Bada)

* I want a woman like you to kiss
I want a woman like you to hold me

yellow shadow, I won't forget you or your fragrance.
I can't have a sweet man like you
I don't have a grudge against people like you
When I meet you again I can't be just for you

1. I want you to hear everything that I have to say, but that's impossible
There should be nothing which we can't tell each other
But in my heart, in my head there is so, so much you don't know
Now I regret it
Even though we've been broken up for a while don't forget me
Love shouldn't be like this

* I want a woman like you to kiss
I want a woman like you to hold me
yellow shadow, I won't forget you or your fragrance.
I can't have a sweet woman like you
I don't have a grudge against people like you
When I meet you again it'll be hard for me to forget you

2. Whenever I am all alone in an empty room it is so hard
I still hate it when these tears rain down my cheeks so often
But in my heart, in my head there is so, so much you don't know
Now I regret it
Even though we've been broken up for a while don't forget me
Love shouldn't be like this

I want a man like you to kiss
I want a man like you to hold me
Like falling rain, I won't forget you or your fragrance.
I can't have a sweet man like you
I don't have a grudge against people like you
When I meet you again I can't be just for you

NA) Love is eternal, oh yes love is eternal, no it isn't
Yes love is that way, but now I'm not with you
You've gone and got someone else!
Love is eternal, but with you it isn't... no it isn't

3. Its so hard for me to be single now
It's hard! What can we do about our love?

09. Naron Andoeni (Why not Me?)
translation by: eebyul

You stand and have a conversation with one guy
You sit and have a drink with another
And you grab another guy and start dancing with him
The guys change again and again (what~)

"I like this! I want to go around freely like this"
Till when are you going to burn my insides like this??
"I like this! I wont be owned as anyones girl"
Dont you even see me waiting for you?

Why not me? Why cant it be only me?
How much more will you have to be satisfied?
You tell me about that guy yesterday
And you tell that guy about me
You dont tell people your heart
And our relationship yet again stays the same (oh no~)
"I like this! You can just freely let me go"
Am I just merely a person from all the other people?
"I like this! Meeting whoever, whenever I want."
Whoever, whenever?? What are you talking about!

Why not me? Why cant it be only me?
How much more will you have to be satisfied?

rap)international girl
There are so many problems, going out with a girl whose a player
The phone rings again and I pick it up without thinking
And I hear a guys voice..
"Oh no, Im late! I need to go home quickly.
I will quickly go home and call you!
You have to answer the phone!
"She says that as she leaves and there is no call (listen)

rap)Everything is to her pleasure
When life is tough, she calls me when shes drunk
And tonight when things were rough, she had another guy with her
How should I act to her?
Should I just let her go like this?
Should I just give her to that guy?
Should I just watch over her from afar?
no way! no way! no way! no way!

Why not me? Why cant it be only me?
How much more will you have to be satisfied?

10. Wae (Why?)

1. Please be with me
Please think once more about the things you don't know
Please don't go and throw away all pride that I have entrusted you with
Please don't knock me out with the truth
Please let me repair it, don't say it is worthless
Let's talk some, let's give it a second chance
Don't say that nothing will come of discussing it
Why do you look at other guys who shold be envious of us?
I grabbed you as you left and said that we can't be apart
What's the problem? Why are you looking for antoher love?
Why won't you tell me?

* Why must you leave me? ~~ Why?
Why must you break my heart? ~~ Why?

2. Why aren't you crying when I am shedding so many tears?
I'm not smart enough to know that these tears signal the end
Please don't let it end so easily
Don't stop my breath with a single word
I'm sure that you can't have any reason to dislike me
Its alright as my heart is the same as everyone else's
You liked me at first, then that turned to hate?
So don't go, oh don't go!
The lovable smile of yours has turned to a scornful smile
At the beginning there was no reason
And in the end there is no reason either

3. Is our fate really just till here?
Won't you be the one who can give me love?
How can I fill the space you leave? Why must you go and break my heart?

11. What's Love (featuring Danny, Lexy, Byul and JYP)

1. And just like that you say you'll forget me
But I'm a fool who just doesn't get it
Why does it never seem to make any sense?
Even though I don't listen to you I know
it is over it's over baby
How can the love that you give me last forever?
Love in the movies always lasts forever
That love that comes, long walks in the park hand in hand
Why is this love over? Why has love changed?
I accept that it is over and sadly turn away

* No one can ever really know what love is
Its hard to explain what this maze is all about
They say there's no reason that it can't last forever
A clown is a fool who puts everything into their dreams

2. At that time love was but a dream to me
And then you appeared before me on this earth
You awakened my mind and my body
You made me complete
But too many days have passed since we are not together
My life is still complete when I am running hand in hand with you
My heart, my mind are like a clown being pulled along in a dream

3. One, two, I can't count how many times I've been cheated on
Maybe this time will be the very day when I get to know the truth
But I bet that my dreams are simply shattered again
I'll be waiting for a don't know how long for you to come back
And no one knows where this guy is right now
Why do I know that you will just go and break up with me and hurt me again?

4. And now it is time for Danny to tell you the truth about love
I've been burned by love before
Love is more complicated than a mathematical formula
And just when you think you start to understand it they go
and change the rules on you again
Love is like a drama which comes in parts
Just when you think it is over it is back on again
Love is something
I will never understand


Coming SOON

  • How to Avoid the Sun (2003)
  • It's Raining (2004)

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11 iri ji natneundedo 11 il jeone apeum geudaero
11 ireul doradonyeodo 11 il jeon geu jariro
Neol ddeo-olrineun shiganjochado jooreodeulgo itjil anha
Jabasseoya haetnabwa bonaeseon andwaetnabwa

*Girl I'm ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, I'm crying
Ireohge ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, I'm crying for you
Girl I'm ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, I'm crying
Ireohge ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, I'm crying for you

Still lost after 11 long days
Don't know what to do where to go
Naega i jeongdol jooreun molrasseo ireohge naega muneojil jool
Ijeoboryeogo haesseo neo eobshi jal saraboryeogo
Geureonde geureol soorok niga da piryohaesseo

Repeat * x2

Neomu neujeotni dashi ogi-en naega jalmot saenggakhaetna bwa
Niga eobshido sal soo itdago mideosseotneunde
I need you, I need you

Repeat * x2 


Biggest Thing Song Lyrics

People say I have everything
Then why do I feel empty?

Jipe ddo dorawaseo hangsang antneun shoopa-eh anja
Eoddeohge ganji moreuneun haru-eh ddo gin hansoomman nawa
Geureohgedo wonhaetdeon noraereul bureugo itneunde
Geureohgedo wonhaetdeon nae eumagi oolryeo peojineunde

(Wae nan ireogo itneunji wae nan gyesok heojeonhanji) Wae
Wae nae mami ireohge teong bin jeonji
(Mworeul gidarineun geonji mworeul chatgo itneun geonji) Why
Why am I still feeling in empty inside

*Nae maeumeul da arajool jipe omyeon nal anajool
Nal hangsang ootge haejool geureon saramimyeon
Heundeulril ddae nal jabajool neomeojil ddae ireukyeojool
Nae yeonghoneul swige haejool geureon saramimyeon
Geureon saram isseumyeon This is the biggest thing
that I'm missing in my life

Geo-oore bichin nareul gamanhi barabogo isseo
Amu neukkimi eobtneun misoreul irheobeorin nae-eolgool
Kkume geurideon yeobbeun jibi sseulsseulhae boineunji
Kkume geurideon saenghwari wae mwonga bin geotman gateungeonji
(TV ijen kyeogi shirheo chaekdeul ijen pyeogi shirheo)
Na nugunga ije piryohan gabwa
(Teong bin jibi neomu shirheo honja jami deulgi shirheo)
Now now I need somebody right by my side All my life

Repeat *

Eonjena nan honjayeosseo honjaseo da igyeonaeya haesseo
Naejashingwa geurigo na ijeneun geureogi shirheo

Repeat * 

But I Love You Song Lyrics

don't wanna love you, but I do

Eoneusaenga dashi ddo bam yeoldoolshi shigyel ddo boda
Geu yeope nohyeojin jeonhwagiman bwa
Nado moreuge jakku soohwagireul deuneun
Nae soneul malryeo boryeo hajiman
Neomu gipi bein seupgwancheoreom amureon iyudo eobshi
Ddo dashi ni beonhoreul dolrineun na
Dodaeche wae ireoneunji molla

*Don't wanna go back to you
Don't wanna see you
Ijeneun jeongmal shirheo neomu himdeuleo
I don't wanna love you
But I love you, but I love you
Don't wanna hang on to you
Don't wanna hold you
Modu da itgo shipeo ji-oogo shipeo
I don't wanna miss you
But I miss you, but I miss you

Ireohge myeot beoneul he-eojyeo bwatjiman
myeot beon gyeolshimhaetjiman
Eonjena dashi jejariro dora-ogo mara
Wae ireohge miryeonhage neoreul saranghaneunji
Animyeon neol ireohge haeseon andwendaneun geol almyeonseo
almyeonseo wae irae dodaeche wae ireoneunji molla

Repeat *

Wae naega neol ddeonajil mothaneunji mae-il ireohge
apahamyeonseo gyeolguken an dwelgeol jal almyeonseo
Mae-il sangcheoneun deo gipeojyeoman ganeunde
Shigani gamyeon geol soorok deo-ook deo himdeultende

Repeat *

Chajayo (I'm Searching) Song Lyrics


Eodiseo mannalkka nae jjak banjjogeul chaja
Sarang ijen nado haebogo shipda

Ajikeun honja-inge johdago geunyang ireman maedalrigo shipdago
TV na redioeseo nan eonjena mareul haetjiman
Yojeumeun byeonhan geot gata mudaereul naeryeo-omyeon
Kkeutnago jibe omyeon ijeneun nugungaga geuriwo

Jeonhwa nae chingudeulgwa joheun yeonghwa nae chingudeulgwa
Jeonyeokshiksa oori gajokgwa ijen nado jigyeo-oongabwa

*Honjain yeoja sondeuleoyo hokshi naega joheumyeon daedaphaeyo
Chatgi swipge nal bulreobwayo yeojachingureul chajayo

Naineun keuge sanggwaneobtguyo seonggyok chinhamyeon johguyo
Ojin naman naman naman bomyeo jinaeneun geureon yeojayo
Ijeneun mannago shipeo mudaereul naeryeo omyeon
Kkeutnago jibe omyeon ijeneun nugungaga geuriwo

Deuraibeu nae chingudeulgwa joheun gongyeon nae chingudeulgwa
Haewiyeohaeng oori gajokgwa ijen jigyeo-oongabwa

Repeat * x2

Geureda keunilna
Jomdeo neoda-oon haengdonggwa jeoljega piryohal geot gatae
Neo honja gominhadaga gwaenhan gibune shilsurado haji anheulkka
Manheun manheun yeoja joonge ni yeoja yeoja hana eobseulkka?
Geureon geokjeongmara geuredaganeun neo amuna say what?
Sagwil geot gatae oh no eh-ee geureomyeon andwiji
Seutail itgin wonhago senseu itgil wonhago
Eoneu joengdo choongboonhi naege
matneun yeojal goreul jagyeok dwindago
Jashik jashik ingi jom itdago yeoja boneun nooni nopdago
Geuren sorireul yokhal saram gojak myeotmyeong bakke eobtdago
Geureoni ije jebal neomu gominhajima
Narado chajaseo deryeodajoolge

Repeat * 

Familiar Face Song Lyrics

Nugunji moreugesseo naegieoksoke seulpeun eolgool
Gieoki najiranha meoritsokese maemdoneunde

Geunyeoga nuguinji wae-ooneunji alsooneun eobtjiman
Naemam hanguseogi jakkoo jeoryeowaseo soomeul swilsooga eobseo

*Geunyeolbutjapgo shipeunde nugunji mutgoshipeunde
Dashi dagaseomyeon soneun naemilddaemyeon
Modu sarajyeo kkumcheoreom

Jakkuman noonmoolina nado moreuge noonmoolina
Namugaseum apaseo jiwojyeo beorin ibyeolilkka

Oneuldo eogimeobshi nae-apeseo geunyeo-ee moseubeun
Naege hwareulnaemyeo ije kkeutiramyeo chagapge doraseolbbun

Repeat *

Nae gieokeseo modu sarajilgeorago
Geureohge mideotdeongeol na-ee chakgagil bbooningeol

Ijeya algesseo itgo shipeotdeon neoraneungeol
Oraetdongan naegyeote meomoolreotdeon
neo-ee eolgool neomu saranghaetdeoneolgool

Ijyeobeoryeoseo mianhae nae-aneseo neol jikyeojooji mothae seo mianhae
Hamkkehaesseulddae neoreul apeuge hanmankeum
he-eojin nae maeumdo apatnabwa
Niga ddeo-oreulddaemada ni eolgooli ddeo
oreulddaemada gyeondilsooga eobseosseo
Nareul jiwoya halmankeum

Neo-ee noonmooreul ji-oogo misomajyeodo ji-oogo
Gieokhalsoo eobtge meolri eodinga-eh moodeodoogo shipeotneunde

Neo-ee noonmooreul ji-oogo misomajyeodo ji-oogo
Gieokhalsoo eobtge meolri eodinga-eh moodeodoogo shipeotneunde...

Hago Shipeotdeon Mal (Words I Wanted to ... Song Lyrics

Once Again 3rd time
Neomuna hago shipeotdeon mal
I wanna say these words to you
I love you I love you 

I Do Song Lyrics


Seororeul neukkyeogamyeonse jogeumsshik seoro aragamyeonseo
Anjenganen oori eojeomyeon dooli I do
Chingudeul apeseo ooriga chingusail neomeoseo
Dooli yeongwonhi hamkke hagiro haetdamyeon I do

And I, I wanna know Naman ireohge neukkingeonyago
Anim ni maeumdo nae maeumcheoreom
Yeongwonhi hamge hal kkumeul kkooneunji

*I do, I do Yeongwonhi hamkkehagetdaneun geumal I do
Neowa isseul daemada joshimserepge maeumsokeuro
I do, I do, wanna spend my life with you
Kkumeul kkoomyeo I do Sojoonghan geu maengsereul hal ddae
Ni gyeote naega na-ee naega na-ee gyeoten niga itgiruel

Soneul japgo georeogamyeonseo seoro-ege bareul matchwobomyeonseo
Yeongwonhi hamkke geol soo itneunji neukkyeobwa
And I need to know Naman ireohge neukkingeonyago
Anim neodo nae maeumcheoreom
Yeongwonhi hamkke hal kkoomeul kkooneunji

Repeat *

Ije shijakhan oorisarang ajikeun modeunge ireujiman
Geudaero nado moreuge jakkoo kooneun kkum I do, I do, I do
Geudaero nado moreuge jakkoo kooneun kkum I do, I do, I do
I Love You Song Lyrics


I wanna say these words to you
I love you, I love you

It's Raining Song Lyrics


Dashi olraseon moodae jomyeongi nal bichumyeon nan jogeumsshik
Saramdeulee hamseongi na-ee eereumel boolreojoomyeon nan jogeumsshik
Gangryeolhan eumaki na-ee momsoke peojimyeon nae gwitgaen
(Rain go rain, it's raining, it's raining)
Teojil geotgateun seupikeo soriga nal kkae-oomyeon nae gwitgaen
(Rain go rain, it's raining, it's raining)

*Now, oh! Let the music control my body
Eumaksoke na-ee ee palgwa dari
Da matginchae Let it go naemomi oomjigineundaero geudaero
Go let my body talk to the music
Saramdeuli gidarineunge mwonji wonhaneungeol aljanha
Ijen modu boyeojwo

Shimjangi teojil geot gati dwimyeon nanjogeumsshik
Nae mome pitjoolee ddeugeowojineun geol neukkyeo
Eumaki oreumyeonseo na-ee doo neuneul gameumyeon nae gwitgaen
(Rain go rain, it's raining, it's raining)
Chameul soo eobtneun jeonyuri on mome peojimyeon nae gwitgaen
(Rain go rain, it's raining, it's raining)

Repeat *


Repeat *x2  

My Groove (feat. Epik High) Song Lyrics


*It's so easy to see why you wanna get with me,
The feeling I give makes you wanna dance with me
Nae eumaki neoreul nae gyeoteuro boorueji
Jinachil soo eobtneun neukkimeuro butjapji

In the club is where you be, with Bi, straight Bi sangsatae
Because like Napoleon we born-a-party
The microphone's hot nae sone daheul ddae modu sumsori stop
Ja shijakhalge namanee momjitgwa jeseucheo gongshik da jekkyeo
My nature yeonghoneul kkaewo soljikhi naebaeteo
Bakjareul boltaewo dagati soneul nopge sewo
Yo, I'm better than you'll ever be, so easy jealousy jamjaewo
Heo, not just the paper
Nae salme chwihaeseo byeolcheoreom bitnaneun sesangeul wihaeseo
Taeyangeul pihaesseo nan geuraeseo geunuga yokhaedo pogi mothae
Gopge jaran kkotboda bulkkochi dwae manjokhae
Ok, I will be what I want to be, you know it's got to be
Hip-Hop & RnB, VIP, Epik High wa Bi
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Repeat *

Moduga nal neomuna swipge boji moodae wi nae momjit sonjit
Jomyeong biche holrin hwangholhan geu gamjeong apseo malhae nan neol
Ne sarangeul nae noonbitsokine goosokhaeryeo
Bamimyeon bam, najimyeon nat bbyeowa sari
majoodaheulsoo itge heulryeo ddam
Nunmooreun deo malra heureuneun beobeul irheo gan na
Moodaewi-eh seolsooitneun himeun deon hana
Niga mwol wonhadeon nae moodaereul mworadeon
Danji nan Black feel eul jeonhae like One & One
Bulgwa gateun ne shiseoneul nohchilsooga eobseo
Garohael soo itda mideo ijen soneul bbeodeo
Geudae meori kkeuteseo balkkeut nawa gipeun sarange bbajyeodeun
Dan kkum jeoldae kkaego shipji anhjamyeon feel the music
lt's party time, yo, hit the street

Repeat *

Yes I wanna get with you
Yes I wanna dance with you
Neo-ege kkeulriji naemaeumeul soomgilsuga eobtji

Repeat * 

Nan (I) Song Lyrics

Amuri nege geumandoorago mareul hago
Chingudeul moduda malrigo neorijeurahaedo

Anhdwineungeol nan geureolsooga eobtneungeol
Harureul ilnyeongati neol gidarigo
Eoddeohge neol dashigieokhaenaego
Ajikdo neo-ege hajimothanmareul
Mae-il gati nan ireohge jeogeoga

*Nan ajikdo neoman saranghaneun nan
Ibyeoreul mideulsooga eobtneunnan
Nan niga nae gyeote ddeonan
Geujari-eseoseo ddeonalsooga eobseo
Neol naesalmee hanaboonin sarang neol
Yeongwonhi ji-oolsooga eobtneun neol
Oh~ Neol dashinaege dwidolril~
Geusoongan kkajinan ddeonalsooga eobseo~Nan

Da mideotji modu malhaejoodeushi
Shigani jinamyeon sangcheoga amoolgetji
Ireohdeushi jidokhi apeudahaedo
Neoreul itgetji geureon nari ogetji
Hajiman naemameun waegyesok apeunji
Wae wae namanireoneun geonji
Imi neon na-ee sarami anindedo
Oneuldo ddo nan neolwihae noraelhae

Repeat * 


No No No Song Lyrics

*Ddeonabeoryeo nae gyeoteseo geuren
eoseolpeun byeonmyeongeun jibeochyeo
Sarajyeojwo nae apeseo neo-ee geojitdwin sarang no no no
Jiwobeoryeo na-ee gieok imi nae soge ni jarin biwosseo
Geuman geodwo neo-ee noonmool geureon gashikdwin pyojoeng no no no

Gakkeum deulryeo-oneun ne somoon geunyang jinachyeo beoryeosseo
Geujeo nugungaga nae yeojal tamnaeneun
geora geurehge naneun mideosseo
Neowa nan dooliseo mannanji ilnyeon neol wihae joonbihan
Jageun banjireul kkiwojumyeo like a dream like a cream
I bamhamkkeharyeo haesseotneunde

Ige mwoya geuneun nareul daeshinhae neoh ango itjanha
Mareul haebwa yaegil haebwa igeon kkeumjjikhan akmong no no no
Mwoya ige mwoya naneun nega jeonburan deoreo-oon geojitmal
Dashi haebwa eodi haebwa ohae malraneun ne mal no no no

Stop talking! Don't wanna here no more joking
You'd better quit playing with my heart
With my heart
Geojitmalro neomeogaryeo haedo imi neomu neujeobeoryeosseo

Neogati han~Shimhan yeojareul wihae naega beoryeotdeon shigandeul
Dashin ddeo-olriji anhgesseo
Cuz tonight is the night
(You) can't be my girl forever

Anjenga ooyeonhi mannanda haedo
Ajoo chagapge neoreul doraseojoolge jinachyeoga joolge

Repeat *

Ddeonabeoryeo nae gyeoteseo geuren
eoseolpeun byeonmyeongeun jibeochyeo
Sarajyeojwo nae apeseo neo-ee geojitdwin sarang no no no no.

Quiz Song Lyrics


Wae nugunji mot matchuni baboya
Gyesok seolmyeonghaejooneundedo amuri hinteureul jwodo
Niga chatneun saram geu dabi
Almana gakka-ee itneunde almana chatgi swi-oonde

Gajang gakka-ee itgo gajang orae dwaetgo gajang jajoo mannan saram
Anjena ni gyeote itdeon
Mae-il jamdeulgi jeone ddo niga gibbeul ddae niga doksanghal ddae
Chatneun geureomyeon dallyeo-oneun saram

*Naega neo-ee dabinde neo-ege piryohan saram
Jeongmal naega ddaginde neon geureol wae moreuneungeonde
Can't you see that it's me girl?
Baby it's me you're looking for
The answer to your world wae nae nooneman bo-eeneunde

Jal saenggakhaebwa ajoo swiwo niga nugu yeope isseul ddae
Gajang manhi ooseotneunji saenggakhaebomyeon dwae
Anim anim niga himdeun il isseul ddae
Gajang meonjeo jeonhwahage dwineun baro geu saram geu saram

Ajoo jageun geotdo niga shikigiman hamyeon deoreojooneun saram
Geureon sarami chwigoya
Niga ool ddaemada ajjeol jooreul molla neomu danghwanghaneun saram
Saenggaknaneun saram eobtni

Repeat *

Han saram bakke eobtjanhni na neol wihae modeungeol jool soo itneun na
Niga dareun del daedo neol bogo itneun saram
Neol wihae gidohaneun neohana bakke moreuneun

Repeat *

Naega neo-ee dabinde neo-ege piryohan saram
Jeongmal naega ddaginde neon geureol wae moreuneungeonde
Can't you see that it's me girl?
Baby it's me you're looking for
The answer to your world... 

To You Song Lyrics


Anjebuteo naega byeonhangeonji
Neomu babbeun saenggwal soge jichyeo isseotnabwa
Anjena naman saenggakhago
Haeyahal il saenggakeuro gadeuk cha isseotnabwa

But step by step I've realized
Nae gyeoten nal wonhago eungwonhaneun niga hangsang itdeon geol

I, I wanna say these words to you
I, I, I love you

I, I wanna say these words to you
I, I
I, I wanna say these words to you

Geurae ijen nege dolryeo joolgeoya
Batgiman haetdeon geu sarang neomu keun geu sarang
Neol wihae bureuneun norae neomaneul wihan mudaero
Sesangeul modu gadeuk chae-oolgeoya

So step by step I'll come to you
Gidaryeo ijeseoya haneungeoya nae mam soge itdeon mal

I, I wanna say these words to you
I, I, I love you

I, I wanna say these words to you
I, I
I, I wanna say these words to you

Gapjakseure haneun na-ee (Ee mare)
Gidaejocha haji mothan (Ee mare)
Neomu nolrajin mal geureojima ige nae maeumiya
Wae jakkuman ooneun geoya (Ooljima)
Niga oolmyeon naega neomu mianhajanha
Oneul ee ddaekkaji geu swi-oon hanmadi mothan nayeosseotjiman

I, I wanna say these words to you
I, I, I love you

I, I wanna say these words to you
I, I
I, I wanna say these words to you
Love you, Love you

I, I wanna say these words to you
I, I, I love you

I, I wanna say these words to you
I, I
I, I wanna say these words to you
I, wanna say these words to you

Wanna Talk Song Lyrics

*I, I just wanna talk
Jogeumman naege shiganeul naejwo yaegireul haejwo
I, I just wanna talk
Eodisaneunji mwolhaneunji ireumi mwonji

Gireul georeogadeon nan japjagi meomchwoseogo marasseo
Geunyeoga jinagan soongan nan oomjigil sooga eobseosseo
Nado moreuge geunyeo dwireul ddaragago isseosseo
Neokshi bbajin saramcheoreom geu ddae geunyeoga dorabwasseo

So fine...can be mine? Nooni bushin areumdaume nan
Doraboneun geunyeowa nuni majuchin geu soongan
Big eyes, beautiful smile, haryeodeon mari gieogi anna
Eojjeomyeon joha nohchigin shirheo

Repeat *

Wae geureonyago mutneun neo-ee mare amu
daedapdo mothaneun barame
Geunyeoneun sshi-ik ooseumyeo dashi ddo dora georeogasseo
Ganeun dwit moseupbomyeonse naneun dashi kkaedarasseo
Neoreul jeoldae nohchyeoseon andwindago

So nice, cool as ice, jogeumeun geonbangjindeuthan
Chagapge doraseoneun geu neukkimkkajido joha
Can't stop I got me, ireon neukkim cheo-eumiya nan
Eojjeomyeon joha nohchil soo eobseo

Repeat * x 2

Oh baby, stop, ho, bling bling, go!
Aekseseoriro momeul kkumigo ddo
Pomeul jabeuni ooseupni, Honey I just wanna talk
Geumsae neon naege banhage dwego
Jureureuk heureuneun ddambangool hanbangoolkkajido
Geudae-ee bitnaneun miso-eh meomchwo soom motswi-eo
Dapdaphae eoddeohge haeyahae ireohge
bonaemyeon huheehalge bbeonhande

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  • Rainism (2008)
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  • Back to the Basic (2010)
Japanese studio albums
  • Eternal Rain (2006)


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