[Eng Trans] 12-02-08 MBC - Morning Live_Shin Seong Woo talk about Rain

120208 Rain by ratoka


credit ratoka @ YT

[English trans]

Shin Seong Woo : a popular singer, actor, and sculptor.
He is recently performing in a musical, and he worked with Rain in KBS drama "Sangdoo, Let's Go To School."

- Only Rain part -

'Shin Seong Woo' enjoys having time for a hobby, traveling by motorcycle with his junior Rain who is also a motorcycle lover.

'Shin Seong Woo': Once Rain poured out his troubles, "I have too little free time." His unhappiness was understandable. Hence, his tastes are congenial with mine.
When Rain told me, "Your motorcycle looks much better than mine.",
I (cheaply) flogged it to him.

English Translation by 화니 @ rain-cloud

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